Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

A very special thank you to terri from Blooming Ideas for helping me set up my blog and to show me on how to go about doing this............ Hopefully this will work, being that i am doing this one on my own and i am not very good with the computer yet----only with emails and looking up some things..............thank you therese


  1. You are Very Welcome Therese....Happy to help..there is no stopping you now! Cute girl! I think I'll snag her from you. ;)

  2. Yer fine, yer fine, Now lets see some art-work. Oh, and hoe come Terri, and I aren't on your blog list lady? Hmmmmmmm?

  3. Maybe it's because I cannot spell, duh? I meant to type "how" not "hoe", really..... seriously, I meant "how".

  4. Hi Deb....Therese is following us. I shared with her how to do that. Those on her blog list was an exercise for those who are blogs with typepad or a different type of blog how she can save them and check in and see what's what at a later time. Our next lesson will build on what she now knows how to do.
    I have to figure out why her photo image is not showing up when She cooses to follow.
    After 4 hours my brain was fried.

  5. I take it all back she has now added us how cool is she! Way to go Therese!


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